A Reward of Old…ish People Part 1

Monday, March 6, 2023

“Grandchildren are the reward of old people. And children are proud of their parents.”

~ Proverbs 17:6, International Children’s Bible

Rod pulled off a surprise family gathering on Saturday, to celebrate my upcoming birthday. It was a great time, and great timing as Saturday was the one-year anniversary of my sister Carol’s death. Earlier in the day, I’d been thinking about the things I miss most about my sisters, and realized that it’s belly laughs about the crazy silly-to-us things we did.

The party was at Shakin Crab, and it was a dive in the very best sense. Newsprint on the tables, graffiti covering every inch of the walls, plastic bibs, and buckets to hold shells. I was given a purple “70” tiara, and kind, thoughtful and sometimes funny cards, and gifts that I’ve yet to fully take in. I plan to re-read and savor the cards on the 9th.

One of my all-time favorite gifts was a framed and ready-to-hang copy of the photo collage below, which I’d never seen before. I was #2 on the left 49 years ago, in the middle of a field hockey game at Penn State. Our oldest granddaughter, Lily is #6 on the right, on the field for Atlee High School this past fall. We will both have it hanging on our walls!

It’s amazing that Lily found field hockey on her own, since I was and am determined not to place unnecessary expectations on the grands. However, once she discovered the sport, I’ve been one of her best fans and biggest supporters, just like my grandmother was of me half a century ago. Grandchildren ARE a reward of old…ish people, me included.

Grateful for family. ~ Anne

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1 thought on “A Reward of Old…ish People Part 1

  1. I agree that grandchildren are our greatest gift. Love the picture. Very special.


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