Hurry makes mistakes.

Friday, March 3, 2023

A person in a hurry makes mistakes. ~ Proverbs 19:2 NOG

I have a confession to make. I made a mistake this morning with Alignable: The Small Business Network. I signed up for it a number of years ago for the spiritual direction practice, Wayfinding. I seldom use it, but if I get a request to connect with someone I know, I usually do. 

In my inbox was an email asking me if I wanted to add a woman who replaced the seat of a cane chair for me when we lived in Charlotte. For some unknown reason to me, I remembered her specifically, her house, her cats, some of her story, and the great work she did on my chair. It was a no-brainer to connect with her. Apparently, I was operating out of my own version of no-braininess, in my case, hurry. I hit “accept” in haste realizing only too late that I hit “all” instead of the single contact.

I’ve received a number of emails and text messages as a result. Once I got over my embarrassment for inconveniencing people, I realized that I reconnected with a few people I most likely would not have and others with whom it was nice to have an “I am so sorry. Hope you are OK” interaction.

I’ve heard from a friend I haven’t seen since seminary around 1999, a friend in the Philippines, a friend from Charlotte, and others.

I made a similar error on Facebook a long time ago. I received the same kind of warm responses, like, “Thank you for asking to be my friend. I need to because I don’t do Facebook, but it was nice to be asked.” Sometimes my body gets ahead of the rest of me. I get so excited to send an email that I forget to attach the attachment.

I resolve to do better but imagine this isn’t the last time. If you received one of these Alignable requests, I am so sorry. It wasn’t about you. It was me in a hurry making a mistake.

 Have a good weekend. Take time to slow down. It’s good for the body and the soul. ~ Anne

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