Misplaced Reading Glasses

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

“You chart the path ahead of me and tell me where to stop and rest. Every moment you know where I am.” ~ Psalm 139:3 TLB

If you are missing your reading glasses, you might want to take a hike – to Devil’s Nose Trail overlook. Last week on a hike I spotted a black-framed pair lying on a bolder, folded up neatly and placed lens side up, as if the user had just set them down. They were 2.5 power, in case they belong to you.

I am sure there is a story behind them and had fun thinking through possible narratives they might tell. A hiker who needed to stop and read a map came to mind. Perhaps a hiker had brought along a book of poetry to reflect on from the amazing view. Who knows?

God does. Psalm 139 speaks volumes about God knowing us, what we are going to say before we speak, where we are on the path of life, from the ends of the earth to the dark of night. God knows everything about us, which is both extremely comforting when we are lost, and not a little bit scary when things we don’t want anyone to know about us is fully known to God.

I placed the glasses carefully back on the bolder in case the person who lost them comes looking for them. What amazes me is that even when lose things, we are never lost to God.

Every moment of every day and every night, God is with us. ~ Anne

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