House Divided

January 6, 2023

“Every kingdom involved in civil war becomes a wasteland. Every city or house torn apart by divisions will collapse.” ~ Matthew 12:25 CEB

I served a small congregation some years ago. The congregation’s council determined that an aged overhead light fixture in the meeting room needed to be replaced. One would think that would be a simple task. But simple isn’t always easy or fast. Catalogues were reviewed, several visits were made to show rooms, and votes were taken. Then someone found another fixture that was better. Another vote was taken. And then another fixture was located for a better price. Yet another vote was taken  It might be hard to imagine, but it took over a year for a final, really final, really really final vote to taken and the fixture installed.

All this thinking, rethinking, and voting for one light fixture, go figure. There were many opinions about style and cost to consider. It’s hard to give up our cherished theories about light fixtures! Thankfully when it came time to repair the leaking roof, the urgency of the need moved the council to a quicker decision to preserve the structural integrity of the building.

I am not the only one in our nation, or world, puzzling about the failure of the House of Representatives to elect a speaker. A family, house, city, congregation, or nation torn apart by divisions will collapse. It is hard to give up our cherished theories for the good of our families, houses, cities, congregations, and nation. I pray we will find a way to agree for the sake of the integrity of the whole.

Prayers in this season of uncertainty. ~ Anne

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