Purses that don’t wear out


“Make purses for yourselves that do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near, and no moth destroys. Luke 12:33b – NRSVue

The above Bible passage from Luke 12 has been there forever (or at least about 2,000 years), but for some reason it caught my fancy last week. I am more of a practical purse person than a designer purse person. Apparently, Jesus was into DIY purse design since he encouraged his disciples to make purses for themselves that do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, thief, and moth proof.

In just the past 48 hours, there were moments to savor, to put into my thief-and-moth-proof purse. A quick trip to celebrate our son Dan’s 45th birthday, with all the grandkids included is one of them. There were many memorable moments, little moments. One was watching Dan use a paper dessert plate to “blow” out the candles on his cake, noting that it is the CDC approved manner, and then getting the sweetest smile on his face. Another was Marie-Hélène hugging me goodbye and saying, “See you tonight, Nana,” knowing that we would indeed WhatsApp before bedtime. Another was in our Sunday school class this morning, when everyone had a “moment” from the past 24 hours that they’d tucked carefully away in their “purses,” things like the whole family sitting on a porch shucking corn to freeze for the winter, a moment when driving to the church house and noticing how amazingly beautiful the trees were, anticipating giving a gift to an adult child.

No one can steal such memories. Moths cannot eat them. They are tiny glimpses of the kingdom of God, here as it is in heaven, an unfailing treasure in heaven.

What’s in your purse? ~ Anne

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5 thoughts on “Purses that don’t wear out

  1. At church Sunday during the time for children they participated in “noisy offering”. I had never heard of this before and it was such an awaking sound as the change clanged in the bottom of the bucket. Those collections help pay school lunch debts. The smiles on the kids faces were priceless.

    If I carried a purse I imagine the change would be thrown in the bottom.


  2. Love this – I like the idea of involving kids in every kind of way.


  3. So apropo! Will forward to my sister-in-law. Sending love!


    1. Oh, that is awesome. So happy for you and Ray, Pearl and Marsha! I sure would love to have a regular time to visit with a soul sister.


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