Chocked out

August 5, 2022

“Other seeds fell among thorns that shot up and choked out the tender blades.”

Matthew 13:7 NLT

I unintentionally messed up. I planted three annuals in a large pot, a small-leaf coleus for height and contrast, an unidentified run-of-the-mill pink petunia, and a Headliner Night Sky petunia. The Headliner petunia was a gift. I was determined to nurture and propagate it so that I could share a well-rooted cutting with the gift-giver. They were all small when I repotted them, and I assumed there was room for all three to grow.


I was wrong. Last year, in the same location, I had a potted petunia that threatened to take over the deck. Despite being in the same location, the two petunia plants have struggled while the coleus has taken off. It took me six weeks to wake up to the reality that the unnamable plant was chocking the life out of the petunias. I came to this conclusion yesterday after I returned from picking up my now-working hearing aids. I dug up the coleus and found a place in a flower bed for it.

It remains to be seen whether the petunias will bounce back. What is obvious is an oft-repeated lesson about my own life which is like that carefully planted pot. At first, all the things that I add, all the good things that I fill my pot with work fine together until they start competing for my resources. Over time, what matters most, in this case the Headliner Night Sky Petunia, is starving for my attention. The plants I potted were good, but as in potting plants, less is more.

Ironically, Jesus ended the parable of the Sower with these words, “If you have ears, hear!” (Matthew 13:9) Ouch!

Lesson heard loud and clear! ~ Anne

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1 thought on “Chocked out

  1. It appears from the picture that Creeping Jenny is also planted. Very aggressive! It looks like the petunia is one my grandmother always planted and they get quite large. This is the first I did not plant one, and I’ve always planted them in the ground for space. I hope you and the petunia find space!


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