Camp Nana Part 3

June 20, 2022

“Be happy with those who are happy, and cry with those who are crying.” Romans 12:15

Dear St. Paul’s Family,

Just after midnight on the last night of Camp Nana, Anne-Sophie called out for me. Her neck was sore, she wanted a drink, and she wanted to sleep with me. I got her a drink of water, a fresh ice pack, and welcomed her into my bed. When little ones are away from home and not feeling well, such requests are reasonable and easily fulfilled. It’s what Old Moms do.

We woke up early Sunday morning. Anne-Sophie had a cough and a fever of 100.9 Although her dads have been very consistent about keeping themselves and the girls masked and vaccinated, I decided to do a home COVID test just in care. To my utter surprise, the “C” for COVID line turned bright pink even before the “T” for test line turned pink. We had COVID in our house, again!

Her dad was already enroute to pick the girls up before church and would arrive within the hour. I rushed about getting us all masked and keeping us distanced, fixing breakfast, gathering up their things to take home, and trying to figure out how to handle the responsibilities I had for worship on Sunday mornings.

A retired pastor who attends our church graciously offered to read my sermon and lead worship. Our choir director offered to provide the Time for Children. By 11 am I had lined up a PCR COVID test for myself at CVS, and was doing laundry, sanitizing surfaces, opening windows, and praying that no one else got sick. Both dads and girls ended up with it. It would never have occurred to me to be thankful for having COVID in late March, but that immunity and with a second booster in late May has protected me.

My husband, who was away from home during the time of exposure, renamed Camp Nana “Camp Catastrophe.” It certainly felt like that at certain points. But that all depends on perspective. It was an opportunity for two little girls and one Nana to bond in sickness and in health and to build new memories of time together. It was an unexpected opportunity to model love, compassion, and care in the best and worst of times, being happy with those who are happy and crying with those who are crying. There were lots of belly laughs and tears. It was a time to lean into God, who loves us far beyond comprehension, no matter what and gives us the strength to do the same regardless of the circumstances.

With thanks to two little girls and our very BIG God. ~ Anne

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