Camp Nana Part 2

June 17, 2022

God the Lord answers, “Can a woman forget her own baby and not love the child she bore? Even if a mother should forget her child, I will never forget you.” Isaiah 49:15

As I reviewed the day, and Anne-Sophie’s question, “Can we call you Mom?”, I thought about the steady presence of God in my life. Although both of my parents died a long time ago, God is present in my life just like good parents. I prayed that I would be a good model of the One on whom I rely.

 Little did I know how much things would change overnight. Friday evening Anne-Sophie woke me up screaming in terrible pain in her neck and shoulder. I was terrified but do a good job of acting calm in such situations. I thought of all the possible things that could be wrong, meningitis, an aneurism, you name it, I have a good imagination. I tried and ice pack but that didn’t do a thing. I was ready to take her to the Emergency Room and called her dads to confirm.

It was not easy to awaken her sister and get them both strapped into their car seats in their PJs at midnight. When we got to the hospital Anne-Sophie’s agony was worse because she thought she would need to get a shot. I promised I’d be with her no matter what.

When we got into the examination room, a wise nurse turned on the TV that was to Anne-Sophie’s left and found the cartoon network. It was a great disguised neck motion test that Anne-Sophie failed. They gave her some Motrin and switched out the ice bag with heat, and gradually she improved. We were discharged around 2 am. Marie-Hélène asked if she could keep the Styrofoam cup of water with the bendable straw – and was delighted with her new acquisition. Anne-Sophie commented that the ER was nice, sort of like a hospital, and not just a room, go figure!  She said if she ever had to go back this is where she wanted to go. We got home in time to great her dads who had driven to our house. We were all tucked in bed and asleep by 3 am. These are the things that Nanas, who are old moms, and dads do for the children and grandchildren they love.

Saturday morning things were better. The girls really wanted to stay and so Day 2 of Camp Nana was on. The guys drove back to MD. We laid low during a rainy morning, and then went to a movie theater to see Bad Guys. The rest of the day passed in a blur of games, art projects, walking Kiko and handing out. We were all exhausted and cranky, which made for many opportunities to remain patient, calm, firm, and loving.

As the girls were changing into their PJs Anne-Sophie said the most amazing thing. “This has been the worst day ever, but it’s not because of Marie-Hélène or Nana, it’s because my neck hurts.” That moment of perspective from an 8-yr old made it all worthwhile. I could sense God smiling and cheering us on and wondered how God manages the entire world that is very cranky right now.

Thanks to little girls I am learning more about God. ~ Anne

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