November 17, 2021

Brothers and sisters, we are like orphans, separated from you for a short time (in presence, yes, but not in heart); and we desperately desire to see your faces again.

1 Thessalonians 2:17 The Voice

Sometimes I don’t realize just how much I miss someone until I catch a glimpse of them. Last night I was able to join the Zoom monthly Heart of the Leader Mentor’s Gathering with friends from the Philippines and when I joined the meeting, I was surprised by the tears that came to my eyes. Seven of the people are friends I’ve spent time with in person during two week-long retreats in the Philippines, and four I’ve only met via Zoom a few times.

Although we are half way around the globe from each other, nonetheless, we share a bond forged from a desire for leaders in congregations around the world to experience and nurture a deep connection and relationship with Jesus and with others. We do so because we know from first-hand experience how important the care of our soul is as we care for others. Through the technology of Zoom, we could see each other’s faces once again, even as we desperately desire to see those faces in person.

Each of us has experienced the death of a loved one, or loved ones, in the past year. And to a person, that grief is huge, even as we live with the hope of seeing those persons again, face to face, when the only tears we shed will be tears of joy.

For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we shall see face to face. ~ Anne

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