May 19, 2023

The birds in the sky build nests by the waters. They sing among the branches.

~ Psalm 104:12 NIRV

I must get it from my mother’s side. My grandmother and my mother always had bird feeders, and each had ceramic bird figurines made by my great aunt Marge. Then there was the cardinal thing. My grandmother’s Christmas cards always featured cardinals. I think of her whenever I see a cardinal. And as sweetly goofy as it sounds, one winter my mom threw her drier lint around the yard, after hearing that birds like to line their nests with them.

I have cardinal items gifted from my sisters that I cherish, VA license plates sporting cardinals on my car, several bird feeders, and recently added a bird bath. I don’t have a lifetime bird list, am not very good at bird identification, but that doesn’t matter to me. The joy of watching their antics is enough.

Psalm 104 is a song of praise to the Creator of all, including the birds that nest near water and sing among the branches, and me and you. Perhaps my joy about this tiny little bit of creation pleases God as well. ~ Anne

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