Restful Waters

January 25, 2023

The Lord leads me to restful waters. ~ Psalm 23:2b CEB

January 24, 2024

Once we got past the rush hour traffic around Honolulu and drove through the H3 tunnel to the windward side of Oahu, I could feel my stress melting away. The misty mountains and the greenest of green landscapes lay before us. That’s not to say it was seamless. We had a hard time getting our lock box open so we could get into our cottage, and the Wi-Fi was challenging. But there were chickens running around in the yard, palm trees swaying, and a good night’s sleep to come. This is what I discovered while walking this morning:

The Psalmist writes, “the Lord leads me to restful waters.” I stopped, breathed in the glory and the peace, and rested. I hope you will as well. ~ Anne

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