A Grandaugher’s Prayer

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

“See that you don’t look down on one of these little ones. Here is what I tell you. Their angels in heaven are always with my Father who is in heaven.” ~ Matthew 18:10-11 NIRV

All ten of us were seated around the dining room table at our older son, Seth’s home for our Chamberlain family Christmas gathering. Seth, seated at the head of the table, asked “Who would like to say grace?” And to everyone’s surprise, eight-year-old Anne-Sophie raised her hand and said, “I will!”

As we joined hands around the table, I expected that she would pray the usual “God is great and God is good, and we thank God for our food. By God’s hands we all are fed. Give us God our daily bread. Amen. Thank you, God!” Instead, she used her own words and said, “Thank you God for our family. Thank you that everyone who traveled here is safe. Thank you for our food. Help those who need food. Amen.”

I often get asked to pray at meals. I call it a “professional hazard,” not because I don’t like to pray, but because I enjoy and am touched by the prayers of others. Anne-Sophie’s prayer was simple, to the point, and most surprisingly for a child on the day after Christmas with gifts still left to unwrap; didn’t mention a single present. I was touched.

So was her Godmother, our daughter-in-law Kristie, “That was a really nice prayer, Anne-Sophie,” she said

I suspect that the angels in heaven who are always with God, were doing a happy dance! ~ Anne

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