The longest night.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

“Both day and night belong to you; you made the starlight and the sun.” ~ Psalm 74:16 NLT

“Thirteen Saturdays to go,” said the man making a routine service call for our furnace. We had been talking about how cold it was and how much colder it would be at the end of this week. I must have looked a bit confused, so he explained that he starts the Saturday countdown to spring when the weather turns cold, reasoning that each week the count gets that much closer, and counting the days makes it sound so much longer away.

It has seemed so much colder in the past few days and Christmas weekend looks downright polar. I notice that it is harder to wake up in the morning and stepping out the door for a walk in my reflective vest and hat, due to the cold and darkness is so much easier to delay right now.  Sometime earlier this month, I noticed that Rod and I are sitting down to watch TV so much earlier than usual. Bedtime is hours after nightfall, even if the clock indicates that it is only 9:00 pm.

So today, along with my daughter-in-law’s birthday, I celebrate the longest night of the year. The hours of sunlight will steadily, albeit in small increments, increase. Spring is just thirteen Saturdays away. Since both the day and night belong to God, the starlight and the sun are made by God as a gift of creation, I’m going to get out my thermal underwear and embrace whatever the day brings.

Happy solar hump day. ~ Anne

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