What if no one comes?

November 2, 2022

A man once hosted a huge banquet and invited many guests. When the time came, he sent his servant to tell the guests who had agreed to come, “We’re ready! Come now!” But then every single guest began to make excuses.” ~ Luke 14:16-18 The VOICE

One of the endearing things about my spouse is the joy with which he embraces greeting and giving out candy to costumed children who come to the door to trick or treat. This year he doubled the amount of candy because last year we ran out early.

Halloween day was chilly and rainy, and he wondered if any children would come. Trick or Treat was scheduled from 4-7 in Woodstock. When the time came, he turned on the outside lights as an invitation to the banquet. And no one came. Five o’clock rolled around and still not takers. Finally, a few children began to make the rounds and then in the very last minutes there was a flood.

He anticipated a great response to the abundance of our generous chocolate gifts, free to all who came. And I reflected on the passage above.

It is so much fun to plan and prepare for something like Halloween, or a birthday party, or presents to give for Christmas. I can’t begin to image the joy of anticipation that God has each morning when God paints another one-of-a-kind sunrise or decorates the earth with all the colors of autumn. God’s gifts are all around us. Get ready! Come now!

No excuses, please. ~ Anne

PS – We went through more than half of the candy, but we still have far more than we should keep around the house. The Bible reminds us to “run from temptations,” (2 Timothy 2) so we are donating the surplus through our church to Soldiers’ Angels, a not-for-profit organization that distributes the candy to deployed troops, veterans, and wounded veterans in VA Hospitals.

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