Where did it all begin?  

October 26, 2022

“For a thousand years in your sight are like yesterday when it is past or like a watch in the night.” ~ Psalm 90:4 (GNT)

When I was a kid, my friend Jan’s dad played golf. Occasionally, his dad would give him some old golf balls. Jan and I would cut them open and attempt to unravel the yards of rubber band wrapped around a very small hard core filled with liquid. It was nearly impossible to unravel rubber band, but we were persistent and sometimes got to the core. Then the hard work really began, as we hammered and sawed and tried to get into the very core. I don’t think we ever managed to crack that proverbial nut.

I often try to unravel the unexpected, coincidental things that happen in life as well, trying to get back to the place where they began. If my family hadn’t moved from Pittsburgh to Mechanicsburg, I would not have had the opportunity to play field hockey or meet my husband. If my spouse’s family hadn’t moved from upstate New York to Mechanicsburg, we would not be married. Our sons, Seth and Dan would not exist, nor would our grandchildren. If my paternal grandparents hadn’t moved from Scotland, I wouldn’t be me.

If 85 yr. old Bob Johnson hadn’t called and invited me to a lunchtime Bible study at his home after I visited Po`okela United Church of Christ in the summer of 2001, I would not be a part of the United Church of Christ. And if Bob, from Kansas hadn’t served at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, he wouldn’t have met his wife-to-be and remained in Hawaii for the rest of his life to invited me to lunch.

It’s like unraveling the rubber band inside the golf ball. If you unravel it far enough, you get to the center. To my way of thinking, the center is God, whose ways are not my ways, whose thoughts are not my thoughts, for whom a thousand years are like yesterday when it is past. My beginning and ending are a part of the One who is Love.

That is enough. ~ Anne

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