The Lord Watches

September 21, 2022

For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction. Psalm 1:6 NRSV

I have no idea why Kiko does it. Every time Rod or I get the ironing board out, Kiko grasps the nearest toy between his teeth, and completely freaks out. He growls and barks and nips at the ironing board. Once the board has been set up, he lays down, toy in mouth, and does the Border Collie stare at the ironing board. He refuses to move. Even to go for a walk. Even to eat. Even to get a bite of steak which is a rare treat that he loves. The pattern is so embedded that he grabs the toy and assumes the position as soon as Rod gathers folded shirts and hangers. When he is on ironing board guard, nothing distracts him.

Kiko is doing what is his nature to do. For ages Border Collies have been trained to manage herds of sheep with their intense stare, which is so intimidating that they can actually control the flock. In his Border Collie brain, I imagine the creaking ironing board is an unruly sheep that needs watching or a predator ready to pounce. Either way, he watches with an intensity that cannot be distracted.

If a Border Collie can watch with such intensity, imagine how the Lord watches over us! ~ Anne

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