Friday, September 2, 2022

“Let’s press on to know the Lord; whose appearing is as certain as the dawn; who will come to us like the showers, like the rains that give drink to the earth.” ~ Hosea 6:3 CEB adapted

Tuesday, we hit a high of 900 with a real-feel of 1000 at noon. Showers throughout the afternoon and evening brought the temperature and humidity down so much that I put on jeans before heading back to the church building for choir practice. As I headed home around 8 pm. the sunset cast a golden light on Main Street.

When I stepped outside Wednesday morning to go for a walk, the world around me looked and felt fresh, sharp, clear, washed clean, like a new beginning. It was a remarkable change and a surprising experience, a blessing amidst my daily routine. I was filled with both a sense of freshness and longing that each day was a fresh start for the earth and her people, washed clean of any lingering anxiety, regrets, anger, hurt.

Hosea, whose name means ‘salvation,’ was a prophet living in a very difficult time in the land of Israel, a time of lying, murder, insincerity, ingratitude, idolatry and an inordinate desire for wealth and possessions.  It was his task to point these out to those in power. How would you like that job? But there was a promise, that God’s appearance is a certain as the dawn, like the showers and rains that give drink to the earth.

I am grateful for a glimpse that promise being fulfilled. ~ Anne

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