Rascally Squirrel


Get up, Lord! Confront them! Bring them down” Psalm 17:13 ~ CEB

The affair is over! The persistent squirrel who entertained me at the hummingbird feeder has fallen from grace.  Early today I saw the smaller feeder swaying wildly, as if she had just jumped off. When I walked out on the deck, I noticed that the other feeder was lying empty on the ground.

I might be jumping to conclusions, but I suspect that once she discovered the sweet sugar water, she was hooked. It was cute once, but now I feel like Elmer Fudd out to get the rascally rabbit. The imprecatory Psalms come to mind. “Get up, Lord! Confront the squirrel. Bring her down!” 

I am grateful that the Bible includes such harsh words because humans (including people like me) discover that God doesn’t strike us dead for thinking or uttering them. Instead, God can hold our harshest, angriest thoughts. God gives us the space to feel and think and imprecate, which ultimately frees us to move on to constructive actions. That is grace through and through.

A rascally squirrel can be dealt with. The bigger issues in life aren’t as easy. And often I am more like that squirrel than I can to admit. I can hold on to anger or hurt or resentment or shame for dear life until it is too late. The feeder lies empty on the ground and neither bird nor squirrel are satisfied. How much better to share it all with the One who holds all until I can let it go long enough to move on to better ways.

Thankful for One who holds all, including hummingbirds, squirrels, and me. ~ Anne

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2 thoughts on “Rascally Squirrel

  1. Anne,

    I can’t really wrap my head around you being someone to hold on to such things. I’ll try to be on my best behavior:)

    I wish I had thought to bring a hummingbird feeder. They are swarming here like bees under my canopy.



    1. The hardest things for me to let go of are shame and self doubt so you are safe.


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