Morning Sounds

February 9, 2022

“Let me hear of your steadfast love in the morning, for in you I put my trust. Teach me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.” Psalm 143:8 NRSV

Sometimes I stop paying attention to little things that are so familiar. I didn’t realize how much roosters crowing before dawn reminded me of Hawaii until I visited there last month. The first morning I stepped out of our condo in the middle of Waikiki, a busy, crowded metropolitan neighborhood of Honolulu I heard a rooster crowing, and felt at home.

Long before I am ready to get out of bed, I hear Kiko our dog, belly-up and rubbing his back on the carpet. Unless I get out of bed, I hear him plopping back down on the floor to wait for the humans to get moving. I hear Rod pushing down the power button on the electric tea kettle. A few minutes later, I hear it click off.

The sound of an egg frying in the pan gets louder, indicating it is time to turn it over. The coffee maker warms up and soon I hear coffee being dispensed to my cup. And then comes the pop and fizz of a can of Diet Coke being opened. These are all sounds of life, sound of home.

The Psalmist writes “Let me hear of your steadfast love for me in the morning, for in you I put my trust.” Tomorrow I am going to let the morning sounds remind me that God is in the life and this home. God is not far away, but perhaps as close as a dog just waiting for me to get up and great the new day.

Let me hear, Lord. ~ Anne

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