Would you like your usual table


“He placed me at his banquet table, his banner over me declares his love. Song of Solomon 2:4” The VOICE

Dear St.Paul’s Family,

“Would you like your usual table?” The one restaurant were Rod and I wanted to eat while visiting Honolulu was Paesano Ristorante in Manoa. For the 10 years we lived in Manoa, it was our Friday date-night go-to place. We discovered it in June, 2006, the very first Friday in our new home.

Located in a small strip mall, with a very unassuming front, inside we discovered white tablecloth covered tables, excellent food, and an ‘ohana (family) of sorts. We were invited to staff baby luaus, celebrated their romances and marriages, and hosted family and friends there.

Perhaps the thing that sealed the deal was Rae’s memory and hospitality. During his first visit to Manoa, our son Seth asked Rae, our server if they could prepare something off the menu. “No problem,” she said. On his second visit one year later, Rae greeted him by name, and asked if he wanted the chicken with marinated artichoke hearts, Sun dried tomatoes and garlic with chicken.

We were excited that Paesano Ristorante was still open, and made a reservation for “Rod” for evening. When we walked in the door the waitstaff’s jaws dropped, “Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain!” they exclaimed and greeted us like long-lost family. Anthony, the owner’s son and now the manager, asked us, “Would you like your usual table?”

He seated us at our usual table, and I could feel God’s love like a banner over us, expressed through people we hadn’t seen or communicated with for almost 6 years. That’s aloha. And I dare say it is a taste of God’s presence now, and a foretaste of God’s love forever.

You prepare a table before me, my cup overflows. ~ Anne

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