January 5, 2022

“Come now, and let’s settle this, says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet, they will be white as snow. If they are red as crimson, they will become like wool.” (Isaiah 1:18 CEB)

I was as giddy as a child with anticipation when I went to bed on Sunday evening. Snow was predicted, and although I am far beyond the childhood, I look forward to snow. Perhaps it’s a result of missing snow during my years in Hawaii.  When I woke up Monday morning, I was not disappointed!

The snow was wet enough that it coated the trees and turned the brown of winter into a thing of shimmering, silent wonder. I couldn’t persuade anyone to come out and make a snowman with me. But Kiko was delighted to play catch with the frisbee, and chased a few snowballs. Even shoveling off the sidewalk and driveway was good and fun exercise. Later in the day I walked to the Reservoir Road entrance of Seven Bends State Park.

I recognize that the snow was not a welcome guest for many, including those who lost power, or were stuck in traffic for hours in sub-freezing temperatures. I am sure that if I had to sit overnight on I-95, without blankets, heat, coffee, and a port-a-potty outside my car, this meditation would take a very different turn.

What I saw through my eyes was a world in a heap of trouble and worry and darkness and despair silenced and blanketed in white, at least temporarily made white as snow. God promises just such a reversal in our world, scarlet with all our failures, sins, and separation from God; suddenly transformed like a snowy day.

I took many photos that day, as a reminder of what can be. I hope the one I’ve included in this post will remind you as well of the transformation, peace and presence in which God wants to blanket us.

A snowy day’s blessings to you ~ Anne

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