December 22, 2021

“Two blind men who were sitting by the road heard that Jesus was passing by, so they  began to shout, “Son of David! Have mercy on us, sir!” Matthew 20:30 GNT

Less than 6 hours after Marie-Hélène greeted me with the open-armed hug, another hug occurred. She had brushed her teeth and gotten into her PJs and came downstairs with her dad to hug us goodnight.  When she entered the room, I got out of my chair and stood ready to receive her embrace. She ran right past me, got down on the floor and gave Kiko, our border collie the same kind of hug she’d given me.  I watched open-mouthed and feeling a bit like chopped liver. I must confess that when I’ve visited my sons, I’ve done the same thing, run to greet my grandchildren before giving their parents a hug.

Once I brushed off my ego, I felt awash with delight that she loves our dog, gratitude that our dog is so amazing with children, and impressed that she knows what she wants and goes after it. I am still smiling as I recall the event.

The two blind men in Matthew were sitting by the road and Jesus left Jericho for Jerusalem and the events of what we now call Holy Week. He was on a mission, focused on what was ahead of him. When he heard them call his name, he stopped in his tracks and asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” Their reply, “We want to see.” Jesus had compassion on them, touched their eyes, and immediately they were able to see, and followed him.

In these last few days before Christmas, there is much to do, and I will be on a mission. Help me, God, to hear others with compassion. That is what I need this day. ~ Anne

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