October 27, 2021

But dont remember the sins of my youth or my wrongdoing. Remember me only according to your faithful love for the sake of your goodness, Lord. Psalm 25:7 (CEB)

For me, the highlight of our trip to Penn State last weekend wasn’t the football game, which except for setting a record 9 overtime periods, was less than stellar. It’s what happened after Immanuel, our guide, took us to see the newest field hockey stadium.

I asked where the field hockey locker rooms and coaches’ offices were located. Immanuel kindly took us past the tennis courts to the East Area Locker Room, the new home for the women’s  lacrosse and field hockey teams’ lockers, coaches offices, weight room, cardio room trainers’ rooms and a small auditorium to review game films. Imagine an entire building for two women’s teams with all those amenities? You’ve come a long way, baby!

He wasn’t sure his key would get us into the locked building, but it did. He’d never set foot inside, so it was an adventure for all of us. We wandered past locker rooms, turned a corner and saw an entire wall commemorating Gilliam Rattray, the head women’s field hockey and lacrosse coach from 1974-1986. She led the programs to a combined record of 319-68-24 as well as 5 national championships.

Alongside her photo were the names of many of her players, including my name.

Four years of field hockey, two years of lacrosse, and two years as the manager of the basketball team were great experiences with many rich relationships and memories. However, I missed more shots on goal than I made and got called for more than my share fouls. Off the field I was a pretty typical college student as I figured out who I was and who I was meant to be.

I had no idea the wall, or my name, were there. And honestly, it felt really good to see my name up there, a part of something much bigger than myself, not forgotten (at least until the building is torn down).  But it is nothing compared to being a part of a community of faith, which includes all the saints, the cloud of witnesses who cheer us on. That’s BIG and FOREVER.

So I pray along with the Psalmist, “Remember not the sins of my youth or my wrongdoings.” What really matters is the promise that God remembers me not because of my failures or accomplishments, but “according to God’s faithful love for the sake of God’s goodness alone”.

Remember what matters most: God’s faithful love and goodness. ~ Anne

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