October 1, 2021

God said, “I’ll be with you.”  (Exodus 3:12 CEB)

Marie-Hélène was underneath her bed last night when our son called for the nightly WhatsApp video call with the little girls. He told me that she wanted to talk with me, and passed the phone to her. She likes it there, and depending on the evening or story line going through her head, under the bed can be under the ocean or in a tent or anywhere else her imagination takes her.

This time, she wanted to read me a story, which in her case means making up most of the words (she’s only 4) as she turns the pages of a book and tells me a story about the pictures. In the gentle voice of a sleepy little girl she started, “When I look at the moon, God is there.” She went on to talk about different events and places and for each one ended with “God is there.” Under the bed became holy ground as did the space around me.

It’s dark under her bed and the light of the cell phone that shows me only a shadowy outline of this precious child of God. I can’t see the pages, and sometimes she drops the phone and all I see is nothing. But that doesn’t matter. God is there.

Thanks for the reminder that God is there ~ Anne

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