September 22, 2021

On this mountain, the Lord of heavenly forces will prepare for all peoples a rich feast, a feast of choice wines, of select foods rich in flavor, of choice wines well refined. Isaiah 25:6 CEB

It was such a simple, little thing, a single white cupcake with butter cream frosting formed into pink rosettes from Das Dutch Haus Restaurant in Columbiana, OH.  But it became so much more.

I visited my only surviving sister, Carol, last week. I never know what to expect when I visit her, given her diminishing abilities due to Alzheimer’s, but based on the last visit we had, I had limited expectations.

One thing my sisters and I shared in common was a love of white cake with buttercream frosting. Leftover cake was the breakfast of champions for us, as we battled for the slices with the most icing. Before going into Assisted Living, Carol would frequent Das Dutch Haus, and on occasion purchased small cakes shaped to look like animals and made entirely of butter cream frosting. I think the cholesterol police put a stop to that.

As you can guess, I stopped on my way and picked up one cupcake for Carol, complete with delicate pink icing rosettes. Carol got the biggest smile on her face, gasped with delight, literally moaned in delight from the first to the last bite, and finished by licking the icing off her fingers. I’d have done the same thing if I’d thought to purchase one for myself!

It was a small foretaste of eternity, a moment of heaven at hand, a rich feast in one small cupcake.

Thanks, Carol, for showing me how to savor the moment. ~ Your Little Sister

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