June 11, 2021

“Stick a fork in me, I’m done!”  Have you ever felt that way?  Working in the yard (an activity that brings me great pleasure) can be downright exhausting on a hot and humid day. It’s been so hot and humid this week that even Kiko, normally by my side with a Frisbee in mouth so we can play catch as I work, retreated to lie on the concrete garage floor to cool off. That dog is smarter than I am, it would seem. I usually reach my limit long after Kiko has begged off for the day. Eventually I, too, recognize, either by fatigue or the clock that says it’s time to go in. A cool drink and a good sit in my rocker, followed by a long shower, revives me.

Are we ever really done?  I receive regular updates from a friend who plays on a women’s softball team called the “Why Nots.” Why not keep playing no matter your age?  My friend sends me updates about their games. After missing out on an entire season due to COVID, they played their first two games. I asked her how it went and she responded this way:

You are THE BEST!! I did get to play right field the last three innings of the second game with one at bat.  I led off the last inning and had 4 straight balls to walk.  So never swung the bat, but started off a rally where we scored 6 runs to pull away. It felt good to contribute and be at the plate ((-: Back to the gym to keep working on my arm strength, I’m committed to becoming a better hitter.  My fielding is very good, but I won’t get to play unless I can hit singles consistently.  Onward!!

I am so thankful for my friend’s attitude and example. Aging is not kind to joints or memory or vision or hearing. I am well beyond the time of being a field hockey player. But my spirit, my spiritual formation continues into eternity. Back to the gym – to keep working on the practices that keep my spirit strong and flexible and ever-more-able to fathom the depths of life in God.

Let us run with determination the race that lies before us. (Hebrews 12:1 (GNT) ~ Anne

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