May 19, 2021

This is the post Janet shared:

“After improving the health of a 93-year-old man in a hospital in Italy, he was asked to pay the cost of the respirator for a day and then the old man began to cry. The doctor advised him not to cry over the bill. What he said, made all the doctors cry. The old man said, ‘I do not cry for the money I have to pay, because I can afford all this. I cry because I’ve been breathing God’s air for 93 years, but I never paid for it. It takes 500 euros to use the respirator in the hospital for a day. Do you know how much I owe God? I have never thanked God for this before.”

The words of this man deserve our attention. When we breathe freely, without pain or disease, no one takes the air seriously. Only when we get to a hospital, we can know that even breathing oxygen with artificial respirator costs money! Thank God for the time you’ve spent all your life because you can breathe freely!”

Janet concluded her email to me, “food or breath for thought?” She’s right!  We are prone to take things for granted, until they suddenly become scarce. Think of the lines at gas stations when the Colonial Pipeline was shut down for a few days following a cyberattack. Remember a year ago when toilet paper was hard to find.  

Stop for 60 seconds and focus on your breathing in and breathing out. The air we breathe is invisible, something we don’t even think about, until we can’t breathe. What a priceless gift!

Breathe – the ability to breathe and the air are pure gift! ~ Anne

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