April 30, 2021

“Good morning, gorgeous!” The voice came from the front porch of the old farmhouse on my left as I was walking Kiko early one morning this week. Kiko and I both stopped and turned toward the voice. There stood a smiling older woman, still in her house dress and not yet groomed for the day, watering flowers on her front porch, and pausing to look our way. Kiko’s tail was already wagging at the compliment. He is a gorgeous dog. If I’d dropped his leash he would have dashed up the porch stairs, plopped down, and rolled over for a tummy rub. 

I am not certain that Kiko has any idea what gorgeous means, but he senses safety and love and responds to it with his entire being. I thanked Kiko’s admirer, and we continued on our way, me smiling and pondering this unexpected interaction. There was nothing striking about this stranger, except her affirming words, but that made her beautiful.

I’ve wondered about that brief interaction. There was a bit of the miraculous in it. It was the first time I’d been out for an early morning walk since hip surgery in February. I was listening to a podcast as I walked, and yet heard her voice. It seemed like one of those “It just so happens” experiences that open my awareness to God. She touched some place deep within me that is about longing for God.

Since then, I imagine that God, like that angel on my walk, looks at me, at you, at all of us as we begin each new day with the same words. What might it be like if we had ears to hear God’s words to us, God’s beloved children, and could respond with the same full-hearted and full-bodied trust as Kiko?

Good morning, gorgeous! ~ Anne

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