November 9, 2020

Recently, on early morning walks along Water Street near the intersection with Indian Spring Road, there have been mini-traffic jams during morning rush hour, all because of kindness towards a raft, a team, a paddling, of mallard ducks. (Check it out – these are all terms for a group of ducks on the source of all truth, Google.)

Each time, the raft has been crossing Water Street, and taking their good old time. Each time, traffic heading in both directions has slowed down and then stopped, waiting patiently for the fowl to safely cross to the other side.

It gives me hope for our community and our future. If we can extend kindness and goodwill towards ducks, then surely, we can do the same towards members of our own species, labels and all.  Simple rules of the road apply to our interactions with others. Pay attention, slow down, stop for as long as it takes, give the space and time that the “other” needs to proceed, then ever so slowly, step on the accelerator. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Put on kindness first this morning ~ Anne

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