October 16, 2020

After a few days of rain, it was a delight to walk out of my front door yesterday morning just after 6:00 am to get the newspaper. The sky was clear, and the stars were still shining brightly. Just visible above our neighbor’s tree was the moon, in its last quarter, sliver of white shining brightly and the fuller circle of its sphere a shadowy fullness visible as a shadow.

What a blessing! What multiple blessings! To wake up. To be able to get out of bed. To get dressed. To walk downstairs. To walk out the door, faithful Kiko at my side. To see light, shadow, sky. To behold stars, constellations, moon, objects far beyond my reach and imagination, ancient fires still burning bright, lighting sky to guide and comfort sailors, journeyers, humans in distant past and a future yet unknown. To be drawn to look and pause and breath and savor that one moment. 

One sacred moment sustains and nourishes my soul, today even as it did over 3,000 years ago to David, who wrote. “When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you established…” (Psalm 8:3)

May you have such a moment ~ Anne

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