September 2, 2020

I am a whistler.  I remember precisely when I learned to whistle at age 10, while recovering from scarlatina. I’d wanted to whistle for years, but hadn’t figured it out. During my recovery, with little else to do, I set about the task of teaching myself how to whistle. At first, I could only make a semblance of a whistle by pursing my lips and inhaling sharply. Before my convalescence was over, I managed to do the same while exhaling. An inveterate whistler was set free.

My mom told me once that she knew when I was on my way home from my best friends’ house, because she could hear me whistling long before I came into view. Years later a colleague greeted me with these words, “Beethoven’s 6th.” “Huh?” I replied. “You were whistling Beethoven’s 6th.” He was correct, and I had no idea I’d been whistling. The administrative assistant at Manoa Valley Church commented, “I knew you were heading down the hall, I heard you whistling.” Who knew? I sure didn’t! 

It’s that way with habits, good and bad, as well as neither good nor bad but simply annoying. Rod and I have spent more daily awake hours with each other in the past 25 weeks than we did at any time in our marriage. I am certain that I have some habits in each category, including annoying. It’s humbling to have that certainty confirmed by my spouse, and also reassuring that I am loved, nevertheless. Loving relationships hold up a mirror that can reflect our graces and our flaws back to us. 

Those mirrors provide a dim reflection of what is reality. Psalm 139:1, in the Message translation says, “O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me.” The good, the bad, and the annoying. The One who knows everything about me, is also the One whose steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, God’s mercy never comes to an end. Now that is something to whistle about. 

And I am…. ~ Anne

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1 thought on “September 2, 2020

  1. Yikes, Scarlatina !! so glad that the blessing of your whistling came from something challenging !


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