August 26, 2020

I have a friend, Debbie Davis, who “adopted” me when I was a new member at Holy Covenant UCC in Charlotte, NC. I assumed it was because we shared a history of being athletes. Then I noticed that she has a gift for discovering something good in everyone, and finding a genuine way to tell them about it, via email, or a note, or at just the right time in gatherings. 

I post my meditations on my blog,, and Debbie routinely “likes” my postings, which triggers a notification on my email. My mom is probably the only other person who would do something like that, were she alive and computer literate!  Debbie’s most recent “like” prompted me to email her to thank her for her encouragement. Below is a copy of that email (shared with her permission):

Monday, August 24, 2020

Hi, Debbie.

It is so nice to get your “likes” from my Wayfinding Blog.

Rod and I have hosted our grandchildren at different times this month, and one of the things we’ve done is go to the local ceramic studio to create in a safe, masked, socially distanced environment. I was surprised at how calming, and relaxing it could be, in spite of feeling artistically challenged.

My first project was to make a “You are the best” plate. We had one when our kids were little that broke years ago. We’d make a point of giving it to one or the other of them on a regular basis, not just for birthdays or for good report cards, but also when we “caught” them being kind or helpful or working hard at something. 

When (not if) you are able to visit Woodstock in person, in a future we can only imagine, you will get dessert on my “You are the best” plate, for your kindness and support.  You have an incredible ability to affirm people in genuine ways!

It didn’t occur to me until right now that I could put this into a blog post. See, now you have already spurred me to keep going!

May I mention you by name?

Blessings, Anne

We have no idea how much a kind word, carefully placed, can mean to a person, or change a situation. Sometimes as parents Rod and I had to look a little bit harder to “catch” one or the other of our children in the act of doing something kind and good. But those catches, served up with a piece of cake on the “You are the best” plated blessed not only the child, but the parents. Looking for the good has that effect. 

A bonus was that while writing a thank you email, this meditation emerged. Kindness seems to be a gift that never ends.

Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. ~ Proverbs 16:24

You are the best! ~ Anne

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