April 27, 2020

Did you grow up putting toilet paper on the seat when using public restrooms? My mom was famous for that one! I remember so clearly shopping at Joseph Horne’s Department Store in downtown Pittsburgh. It was a rare treat to go there, always on the public bus. We’d meet my Aunt Marge, who would treat us to lunch in the Tea Room on the ground floor. Sometimes we even wore white gloves! 

After lunch, we’d head to the restroom to “freshen up.”. We’d press the button for the elevator, be greeted by the uniformed elevator operator, and hold our breath until we arrived at the second floor where the restrooms were. We’d have to wait in line until the restroom matron let us in.

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While waiting, mom would remind us to put toilet paper on the seat before we used it. My sisters and I would roll our eyes, and say, “Yes, mom.” Then it was our turn and we’d each take a stall, lock the door and get down to business. And then mom would remind us, loud enough so that everyone could hear, to remember to line the seat with toilet paper. Cleanliness was next to Godliness in our home, so we couldn’t get out of the restroom without thoroughly washing our hands.

I’ve thought about my mom, and toilet paper a lot in this time of COVID19. If we hadn’t squandered those precious squares back in the day, like the Prodigal Son squandering away his inheritance, we’d be in good shape right now! There’s a lot of other commodities that I’ve taken for granted that seem pretty precious right now including eggs and hand sanitizer. But the one thing that didn’t go to waste was my mom’s love. Love, it seems, never fails.

Thanks, mom. ~ Anne

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