April 23, 2020

Yesterday marked the 50th Earth Day, and here in Woodstock, nature started the celebration about a month early. That seems to be the case all over Virginia, as well as all around the world. Family members from Costa Rica to Manitoba have been posting amazing photos of nature dressed up in all her glory. Facebook has fairly bloomed with nature photos.

Since there won’t be proms this year, it seems like nature has put on a spring fashion show by adorning herself with an amazing array of flowers and buds. There was Bradford Pear, in the traditional white, lacy gown. Miss Forsythia glowed with her bright yellow wrap. And daring Redbud with her purple/red hues scattered up hill and down arrived at just the right moment to steal the show.

The atmosphere has taken a cleansing breath as air pollution due to a reduction in airplane and automobile traffic has been reduced. Wild animals have taken to the streets in cities all over the world. Even the water in the canals of Venice are clear, and once again home to fish. 

In honor of Earth Day, I had texts from friends who promised to love the earth, planted trees, started gardens, watched birds, celebrated how green things are, and virtually watched the sunrise at the Audubon Sanctuary in the Outer Banks. I went for a long walk, taking time to take photos along the way, enjoying the temperature changes as I walked from direct sunlight through shaded areas. People were outside, mowing grass, working in their gardens, jogging, and riding bikes.

In the midst of pandemic, abundant life goes on. Perhaps because of pandemic, we have more time to pay attention, to stop and notice, to look for signs of life. This “pause” allows for time to reflect on the amazing gift of being alive in this world that God declared as good. And it might be a good day to do one small, but important, thing to participate in the goodness of this world. Plant a tree, commit to recycling, hang out your laundry (Facebook is full of directions about how to revive this ancient custom), savor the sunset. Love this amazing gift as if your very life depended on it – because it does!

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.” (Psalm 24)

That includes you and me! ~ Anne

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