April 14, 2020

Did you ever buy a Christmas gift for someone, then put it away, only to find it months after Christmas? Or did you ever misplace a gift you received, only to discover it later? Something like that happened at Easter at my older son, Seth’s home.

Easter morning dawned bright, and the girls, Anne-Sophie (6) and Marie-Hélène (3) got dressed in their Easter finest before coming downstairs to hunt for their Easter baskets.  Seth had received a package a while back from our younger son, Dan’s, family, which he put away. Somehow, said package reappeared as Seth was getting things ready for Easter morning. Thinking it must have been for Easter, he set it out for the girls to open along with the items in their Easter baskets. 

This is what they discovered in the package…Valentine’s Hearts.

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Perhaps the heart represents Easter more than jellybeans or chocolate bunnies, or even a cross. For it was love so deep, so compassionate, so eternal, that chose to become one of us, to go the distance as one of us, that defeated death to burst forth from the tomb on Easter. Love that will not let us go, love that meets us on the way, love that was there when we took our first breath and that will be with us in our last, love that will invite us into eternity.

In the love of Jesus, ~ Anne

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