April 6, 2020

As followers of Jesus, we remember his passion for the remainder of this week. In the midst of pandemic, Holy Week seems almost unbearably poignant. Life is precious, and fragile, and each day is a sacred, holy gift.

In Luke’s gospel, as Jesus gathered with his disciples to share the Passover meal, he said, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.” As this Holy Week commences, there are so many things I eagerly desire. I desire face-to-face worship; shaking hands and hugging people at church; hugging our children and grandchildren. I even miss meetings! There is a relationship between our mortality and our desires that determines what is sacred to us.

About 25 years ago I made an overnight retreat to reflect on my life’s purpose. It was a hot, humid August day, and I’d mowed the lawn and gone for a run (I was younger then!), and consumed a Super Gulp Diet Coke on my way to the retreat location.

First on my agenda was some time at the pool. I lay back in the beach chair, and relaxed before standing up to jump in the pool. As soon as I entered the 5’ deep pool, I could feel my blood pressure as I passed out. I came to near the pool’s bottom, and my one thought was of my family and loved ones, and regret that they wouldn’t know that my last thought was that I loved them.

I guess that was and is my desire. Facing the reality of death sure did clarify my purpose. I suspect that might be true for everyone.

Praying that your holy desires be fulfilled.


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