March 28, 2020

Sometimes, you just need a laugh. That’s what I got when I made a quick dash through Walmart this morning and discovered Peeps Cereal! Peeps were a favorite in my family of origin, and still are for my oldest sister Carol. Thankfully, she in assisted living in Ohio, and her needs, including meals, are well-cared for by the staff. However, she is a life-long persnickety eater whose food choices run to potato chips, ice cream, and all things marshmallow.  In a recent phone conversation, she told me she’ll be OK, as she still has some bags of potato chips, and a 40-pack box of Rice Krispies Treats. 

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I used to love Peeps, too, especially the dark-chocolate coated ones. I say used to because one Lenten season in Hawaii, I happened to mention in a sermon that I loved Peeps. From various members of the congregation, either trying to please or kill me, I received well over 2 dozen packages of Peeps.  I was permanently Peeped out.  It took months of creative baking to use them all up.

I talked with my middle sister, Jane, this afternoon while I was walking. She and I both marvel at Carol’s diet, and I told her about Peeps Cereal. That got us laughing and sharing funny memories from childhood.  I really needed the laughter! And I imagine you do as well.

As the Coronavirus gets closer to home, some of us are learning of loved ones, or friends of loved ones, who have contracted the virus. These are scary times!  I’ve discovered that joy comes in the most unexpected ways and places.  Walmart, a random box of cereal, and some childhood memories, who knew they could lift my spirits? Joy is a gift – and fruit – of the Spirit. Savor each joyful moment!

Thinking of you with a smile on my face!


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